Minding Your Business

Murky Laws

How do you start and run a successful business? Well, you’ve got thousands of different books, videos, seminars, college and post-grad courses costing up to hundreds of thousands of pesos and that’ll take thousands of hours for you to go through and digest. But right here, the cost of this magazine, we go all yoda on all you budding entrepreneurs’ asses. Mixing metaphors and barking aphorisms like a drill sergeant, we serve you successful business principles, sound-bite style.

Financial Foreplay

Being in business should be like sex: Enjoy it. Get a feel for it. Take it easy. Don’t rush.

Make a game of your business. Don’t get into the same rut day in and day out.

Build a Base

Customer service is key. Always keep the client’s best interest in mind. Treat them like kings & queens and they’ll come to you and won’t want to go away.

Plot your Path

Analyze your dreams. Target what you want to accomplish in life & business

Once you know for sure what your goals are

Establish short range goals (1 month to 6 months), medium range goals (6 months to 1 year), and long term goals.

Then make a road map from point A to point B. (start to finish). Write down all the possible pit stops or obstacles that will be in your way. Mark each pit stop with the projected date of when that particular hurdle should be crossed.

Standing Out

Be original & be yourself. Do what you want to do.

Do research. Then do even more research.

Don’t copy your competition. Be creative. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

Staying On Top

Once you’ve got yourself up and running, don’t be in a hurry to get rich. Don’t get greedy.

Procrastination is a huge negative.

Be consistent. Consistently fine tune your goals & dreams.

Give back to the community.

Lastly, don’t get caught f-ing the petty cash or f-ing with the secretary.

And don’t listen to just one source.

-compiled, adapted and edited by Jude Defensor, some rights reserved. first published as pilot for column Minding Your Business in Manual magazine, 2006

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