Last entry in the Thomas McCarthy Blogathon, his latest film Win-Win

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McCarthy’s films all beat with both a messiness and a purity in their big, open hearts. They feel less like perfectly buffed gems, but more like bedraggled stuffed toys, kinda shaggy, a little worn around the edges, and yet warm with the hugs of kind-hearted company. Win Win is a feel-good movie that doesn’t resort to cheap shots for its audience’s sympathy. It makes you feel more than just good, but really earns your affection. It’s like McCarthy went through the Pixar writing boot camp and came out with a better grasp of story balance, but left behind the more obvious of the Lasseter template’s emotional machinations. If, at certain beats, Station Agent strayed too whimsical, while The Visitor swung too melancholy, Win Win is “just right”, like a bowl of yummy, satisfying porridge.

A pretty nuanced filmmaker to start with, this film shows how McCarthy continues to expand his shades of…

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