Danger, Doug Robinson!

Douglas Robinson is a model with a mission. Not content to coast on his good looks and sculpted physique as most model-slash-whatevers are expected to do, Douglas dares to dream. He plans to progress from the launching pad of humble hyphenates, and graduate as a Great Actor, full stop. And why not? He apparently has the looks, and with the success of Metro Manila Film Fest entry Bridal Shower, he’s got the big break. As for grit, his story is the stuff of drama anthologies. Born to a Filipino mother and an American father, he is not ashamed of his humble beginnings. Growing up in Cebu, Douglas admits that unlike other mestizos, he wasn’t blessed with a privileged upbringing. For 17 years, he was denied contact with his father by his American wife. It was only when they had divorced that he was able to recover the address of Douglas’s mother and track them down. It all ends happily though as Douglas was finally reunited with his father in the States a few years ago. While he was in America, Douglas even grabbed the opportunity to enroll in a Theatre and Arts course at Parkland College in Illinois where he graduated with a Certificate in Acting. This, in addition to his Bachelor of Science in Maritime Technology degree from the University of Visayas, sets Douglas apart from the average Zoolander. Also, his sideline as a marketing agent for a financial directory is about as far from the runway as you can get. Douglas says that he works hard and dreams big because his family is counting on him and so he can’t allow himself to fail them. At the moment though, they’re all pretty proud of his accomplishments, and so far there isn’t much they should be worried about.

As a budding media commodity, Douglas is refreshingly free of pretension and conceit. When asked about what he considers his best feature, he replies that he believes his politeness and amiability are what have helped him get ahead. Hardly the answer one would expect from one who looks good for a living. And yet we at BluBook can honestly attest to Douglas’s good nature. He’s not entirely free of wickedness though. One deadly sin Douglas ought to be punished for is that of vanity (although for a male model, his transgressions are probably par for the course). Douglas is unapologetic about his frequent spa trips. But maybe he shouldn’t be blamed for it since in his line of work one really can’t afford to look stressed out. He was introduced to this particular indulgence by a friend. Upon discovering just how rejuvenating a few hours of pampering can be, Douglas took to the spa like a fish to water. In fact, it’s quite likely that Douglas was a merman in a past incarnation. He even won medals as a swimmer in high school. He believes that he is most in his element when wet, either dripping or submerged. The sensation of water against his skin not only energizes him, but it also makes him feel sexier somehow, he confesses. And so the BluBook team was only too happy to oblige Douglas with his aquatic fetish (and risk drowning in the process).

We had to keep our wet and wild ideas in check though in order to maintain Douglas’s hot-but-wholesome image. He is being positioned as a Boy-Next-Door type, which is a logical course considering his Mr. Nice Guy personality. However, his Caucasian features might just be a little too patrician for most baranggays, while his Cebuano blood adds a tinge of the exotic that would look a bit out of place in white bread Middle America. So we’ll all probably be hard-pressed to find such a specimen of manhood living down the hall or across the street, except maybe in the fantasy neighbourhoods of the movie world.

-text by Jude Defensor, some rights reserved

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